Out of all of the 2014 snowboards that I’ve seen so far, no matter the company, the GNU Billy Goat has by far the sickest graphic. Designed by Adam Haynes of Bend, Oregon, the graphic features a train, flames, a woman, and a nighttime landscape.

As far as the board itself goes, the GNU Billy Goat rips. The 2014 model comes with all-new C3 camber dominant banana technology, very aggressive and high performing geometric. This translates into a highly stable, very controlled ride making the board a beast on freeride terrain that consists of huge landings and high speed lines. The banana rocker also means that this baby is more than at home on fluffy fresh powder.

The directional twin shape board comes with an Anvitex dampener, farmed eco woods, and a fast sintered base to round things out.

The GNU Billy Goat has passed the test of pros such as Forest Burki, Matt Edgers, and Temple Cummins. If you are looking for a new board for the 2014 season, this one won’t let you down.


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