2014 is quickly approaching and with the change in year comes a brand-new season full of snowboarding. To get a leg-up on the fun, why not consider the 2014 DC Focus Snowboard for the upcoming winter?

The DC Focus Snowboard is the perfect twin-shaped, all-mountain board for beginners and intermediate riders. It offers an extremely mellow and stable ride that is just as easy to learn on as it is to take your skills to the next level on. It has a very forgiving and flexible feel, which while lacking pop, makes maneuvering and steering quite easy.

The DC Focus Snowboard has an Anti-Camber design with a True Base and an Astro Core. It has a 3 Degree Bevel as well. All of this combined together makes the board an exceptional piece of shredding equipment.

The only way that the DC Focus Snowboard falls short is when it comes to more experienced riders. Though it is cheap by snowboarding standards, you’ll definitely want to shy away from it if you have years of experience under your belt. On the other hand, if this is your second or third or even first season on the slopes, it could just be the board that you need to begin mastering and fine-tuning your shredding skills!


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