Though wearing an airbag backpack is no guarantee of survival in an avalanche, having one like the 2014 Dakine ABS Vario Cover Pack on will greatly improve your chances  if you encounter such an emergency on your snowboarding adventures.

Of course, prior preparations like a solid education in snow assessment, route finding, and companion rescue are necessary as well but an airbag backpack gives you an extra measure of safety and security.

Designed to keep you on top of the snow in an avalanche, the Dakine ABS Vario Cover Pack needs to be integrated with the ABS Vario Base Unit to function properly. Keep in mind they are sold separately.

In addition to its safety capabilities, the backpack also has plenty of room for your backcountry safety tools, extra clothing, lunch and water, and even your snowboard or skis. A helmet carry, a shovel pocket, and an ice ax carry round the special features out.

An avalanche airbag backpack can’t be bulky or uncomfortable and the Dakine ABS Vario Base Unit Pack does not disappoint. It’s lightweight and comfortable and it distributes the weight of a full pack evenly across your body.

Simply put, this is the perfect pack for backcountry or touring use. If you’re planning on heading out past the tape this winter, then you need to strongly consider picking up one of these.


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