It’s hard to go wrong with a snowboard with as cool of a name as the Capita The Black Snowboard of Death Snowboard. Though the name is a little funky to get off the tongue, the board is pimped out to a startling degree of quality.

Completely redesigned for the 2014 season, the Black Snowboard of Death is an all-mountain freestyle monster that is well-suited for just about any rider, from experienced beginners to full-on pros. Though it’s a highly technical board, it does not take a highly technical rider to rip on it. The Capita Black Snowboard of Death is just as happy on mellow groomed runs as it is airing out huge park kickers.

The Capita The Black Snowboard of Death features a Mountain FK shape that has camber throughout the mid-section. A zero-hybrid tail and a custom-designed rockered nose round things out on the ends. Pop, control, and float are the benefits of this profile.

A Hover Core paves the way for a super lightweight snowboard. And Pre-Cured Carbon Fiber Boosters and a Wax Infused Rotation Sintered Speed Base make the snowboard fast and furious.

Though it runs for $570, the 2014 Capita The Black Snowboard of Death is one of the most advanced snowboards on the market. Whether you’re planning on sticking to the park or hiking up into the backcountry this winter, your very own Black Death Snowboard is sure to keep you stoked.


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