2014 looks to be a great year as far as snowboarding goes. In addition to stellar predictions regarding weather and snow fall, the season’s newest snowboarding gear is as cool as ever. One piece in particular to keep your eyes on is the 2014 Burton Easy Livin snowboard.

Professional snowboarder Danny Davis is the mind behind the Easy Livin snowboard. The board has been around for a few years now but the 2014 model features a few new tweaks and changes.

Of particular note is sizing. The Burton Easy Livin snowboard is offered in three sizes, including a 152, 155, and 158. In addition to being different sizes, each is also a slightly different shape. The 52 is a bit rounder, the 55 is stocky yet traditional, and the 58 is pointy. Each board is specifically designed for freestyle riding and comes adorned with an image of the iconic Jimi Hendrix.

What else is up with the Burton Easy Livin snowboard? It’s Squeezebox and Hi-Voltage Jumper Cables give you loads of extra pop and make turning easier. The twin shape and directional flex make it a great board for almost any conditions. The Flying V rocker makes for a smooth and stable ride. And the Channel binding system means that this board is incredibly easy to strap your feet onto.

And, best of all perhaps, is that all of Burton’s 2014 snowboards with their Channel binding systems come with a comprehensive three year warranty.


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