Though we don’t cover skiing very frequently here on Much Awesome, these 2014 Armada Norwalk Skis are too awesome not to take a closer look at.

The skis are designed with aggressive big-mountain powder fiends in mind. Those skiers who aren’t afraid to huck themselves off big drops or weave at high speeds through fresh powder. It doesn’t even matter if you’re a daily skier or a twice per monther – if you like skiing, then you’ll love the 2014 Armada Norwalk skis.

Rockered tips, traditional camber underfoot, no tail rocker, and fat waists help keep these skis stable, even at speeds that are out of this world. The Armada Norwalk skis are finely tuned to float over fresh powder, drive through turns, and skim over rough chop.

As anyone who is experienced with Armada knows, the company is concerned about the durability and life of their skis. With this in mind, they’ve given their Norwalk skis a Hybrid Ultralight wood core and AR50 sandwich sidewalls. This translates into a seriously strong ski that doesn’t sacrifice anything in weight.

Laminate Matrix technology (directional layering of the skis fiberglass) rounds the Armada Norwalk skis out. Simply put, these bad boys are fast, durable, and ultra lightweight. Check them out.


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