The Caldera NX4 Neckwarmer and Face Mask

Sometimes you need a face mask, and sometimes you don’t. It’s not always that easy to tell which will be the case when you set out for a day of skiing or snowboarding. I used to use a face mask and found it a bit annoying to carry around because I only ended up wearing it one day every season or two. Eventually, I realized the face mask was essentially an unnecessary lump in my pants pocket, so I stopped carrying it around altogether.

If you tend to ride with a neck warmer or scarf, there’s a better way of carrying a face mask than stuffing it in a jacket or pants pocket. The new NX4 from Caldera integrates the face mask into a neck warmer, so it’s there when you need it, gone when you don’t. The mask is contained in a weatherproof pouch, and you simply unzip the pouch, pull the mask out and put it over your face when you want it. The soft fleece feels smooth against the skin and the integrated anti-fogging feature prevents you from blowing mist all over your goggles.

The NX4 is windproof and splashed with a DWR coating. It includes Thinsulate insulation to keep you warm. A simple Velcro strap secures it to your neck.

Caldera International, an Oregon company that specializes in sports therapy products, had the NX4 on display at last week’s Outdoor Retailer Winter Market show and will also be at the upcoming SIA Snow Show. The NX4 is already available via SkyMall for $29.99, and we assume it’ll be in more retailers in the future.

Written by Chris Weiss

Chris Weiss has been snowboarding, mountain biking and otherwise tempting death for nearly 20 years. After a few stints in go-nowhere mountain bum jobs, he asked himself, "Why not eek out a living doing something I love?" Since sports sponsors tend to ignore applications from late-20s dudes with mediocre skills and beer flab, Weiss jumped on the other side of the media fence to cover industry happenings. He now writes about sports innovations, technology, travel and automobiles for a number of leading Web properties.

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