Stealth Bomber Electric Bike

Stealth Bomber e-bike

Stealth Bomber e-bike

The Stealth Bomber e-bike brings a sinister look to an otherwise meek category. Looking more like a full-blown motorcycle than your average e-bike, the commanding steed combines power, grit and big-league shock absorption. Part mountain bike, part dirt bike and all animal, the Bomber comes ready to tear apart your local asphalt, gravel or dirt.

Bikes like the Bomber are essentially in a category of their own. They don’t have the power (or pollution) of full-blown engine-driven dirt bikes or motorcycles, and pedals and traditional mountain bike components let you treat them like a bike. However, they’re far from the average mountain bike thanks to motors that can power you up terrain and kick in when you need a little extra speed or torque.

Built with CroMo and downhill geometry, the Bomber is ready to take on the rowdiest trails and descents. You won’t want to pedal this 116-lb. behemoth uphill with your legs alone, but twist the 4.5-kW electric motor into action and you are your own shuttle. The motor delivers speeds up to 50 mph, and a 750-watt, 20-mph mode keeps things legal for street use. If you have a little energy making you antsy, start mashing those feet against the pedals and get the calves and quads burning.
The beefy frame hides the rechargeable lithium battery, which keeps you rolling over up to 50 miles of terrain. It removes quickly from the frame for charging and juices to full in about two hours. The bike keeps you prepared for anything your local jungle throws at you with 180mm Marzocchi suspension up front and 250 mm of beefy shock in back snacking on the biggest, nastiest bumps. The bike also provides 6-piston hydraulic disc stopping power at your fingertips and Duro Razorback tires to bite into terrain.

Mountain bikes have been causing unrest with the crunchy hiking and wilderness set for decades, and bikes like this are certain to have them dirtying their long johns. Mountain bikers themselves have become ingrained enough in trail systems that they may balk at motocross light bikes hitting their local dirt.
Those groups can rest easy … for a while, at least. Unlike the average mountain bike, the Stealth Bomber requires just short of a defense department-level budget to enjoy. The bike retails for $9,900, which seems high enough to limit it to a lusted-after Internet novelty for most would-be riders. The price will have to drop significantly before it becomes the new target of Sierra Club (and maybe IMBA) derision.

Ronnie Renner introduces his Stealth Electric Bomber

[youtube id=”m65ovR9N2VQ” width=”450″ height=”260″]

Stealth offers a variety of Bomber options, including 8-piston brakes and Schwalbe Crazy Bob jump tires. Buyers can also choose from a number of colors.
In addition to the Bomber, Stealth offers the smaller, less powerful Fighter ($7,900) and the Hurricane (starts at $7,700).

Written by Chris Weiss

Chris Weiss has been snowboarding, mountain biking and otherwise tempting death for nearly 20 years. After a few stints in go-nowhere mountain bum jobs, he asked himself, "Why not eek out a living doing something I love?" Since sports sponsors tend to ignore applications from late-20s dudes with mediocre skills and beer flab, Weiss jumped on the other side of the media fence to cover industry happenings. He now writes about sports innovations, technology, travel and automobiles for a number of leading Web properties.

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