Opening Day at Mt Bachelor Bike Park

Long heralded as one of the Pacific Northwest’s greatest ski and snowboard destinations, Mount Bachelor and its Mt Bachelor Ski Area (just minutes west of Bend, Oregon) ┬áhas finally finished its long-anticipated downhill bike and skills park.

Even though the warm weather months are quickly coming to an end and snow is on the horizon, I thought the new Mt Bachelor Bike Park was worth a nod.

The park closes on October 13th to make way for a new and exciting season of winter sports, but if you can head out before then, it’s definitely worth the trip.

Written by Jake Walnut

Jake is a full-time freelance writer with a passion for the outdoors. He is particularly interested in snowboarding, skateboarding, and surfing (the board sports), along with bicycling, hiking, camping, and just plain old being outside.

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