Never Lose Your Buzz with the Bottle Grenade

These days, it’s really not too difficult to find a bottle opener. In addition to pretty much every multi-tool you own, you’ll find bottle openers on clothing, belts, sunglasses, keychains, etc. Go to any type of ski resort or bar event and you’ll probably get a handful of bottle openers just for shoving your body through the door.

So why can you remember multiple occasions when your mouth went cotton while you clawed and twisted desperately and futilely at a non-twist beer cap? No matter how many bottle openers there are in the world, there are still times when you don’t have one. So get another one.

The Bottle Grenade brings just a tad of innovation to the bottle opener market. Not only does it include the usual pop-top pry, it also has a top gripper that will give you some extra oomph when taking a twist top off – assuming you’re comfortable enough in your man (or woman)hood to use it. The central cut-out also holds your bottle cap, so you can wear your favorite beer like a fashion accessory, true redneck style. A belt clip ensures that that bottle cap won’t be hidden in your pocket.

While many pocket knives and multi-tools start off with other tools and add a bottle opener for good measure, the Bottle Grenade takes the opposite route. It’s a dual-function bottle opener first and foremost, but it also packs a few other tools. Buyers can select their hex wrench of choice and use the bit holder for screwdriver bits.

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Despite the aforementioned surplus of bottle openers on the market, it seems like people always have enough drawer and pocket space for another. The Bottle Grenade has already earned nearly $20,000 on Kickstarter – way over the $2,500 goal. With nearly a month left to go, it’s not too late to put in a pledge of your own. The first pre-orders are sold out, but pledge as little as $25 and you can get one by May or June. In addition to the standard model, a magnetic version is available, ensuring you can stick your bottle opener right on the same fridge that keeps your beers fresh and cold. You can also get it custom engraved, making for a pretty rad bachelor party gift.

Written by Chris Weiss

Chris Weiss has been snowboarding, mountain biking and otherwise tempting death for nearly 20 years. After a few stints in go-nowhere mountain bum jobs, he asked himself, "Why not eek out a living doing something I love?" Since sports sponsors tend to ignore applications from late-20s dudes with mediocre skills and beer flab, Weiss jumped on the other side of the media fence to cover industry happenings. He now writes about sports innovations, technology, travel and automobiles for a number of leading Web properties.

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