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  • The 10 Most Epic Snowboarding Pics of ALL TIME

    Few things get the diehard snowboarder more excited than: 1) opening day at their local mountain 2) word of fresh powder coinciding with a day off from work 3) a new piece of equipment to shred with. While nothing equals actually hitting the slopes, looking at awesome snowboarding pictures is a great segue into fantasies […]

  • 2013/2014 Snowboarding

    Hey everyone! We here at Much Awesome are wondering what type of snowboard/s you all are planning on riding for the 2013/2014 season! Leave a comment below and feel free to fill us in on the rest of your snowboarding set-up (boots, bindings). Another question we’re interested in: which snowboard that we’ve reviewed so far […]

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  • Skullcandy Crusher Headphones Review

    Bass makes the world go round, am I right? If you follow my line of thinking, then you’re going to love the Skullcandy Crusher Headphones. Powerfully aggressive bass pumps forth from the headphones, yet despite just how loud, deep, and full the bass sounds, it does nothing to drown out vocals or precision highs. In […]

  • Snow Season Is Here

    With a handful of ski resorts already open and dozens more preparing to open in the weeks to come, it’s evident that snow season is here. Snowboarding 2013/2014 here we come. Get pumped, ya’ll. What mountain are you most excited to hit this winter? Eye candy via Laura Austin. (Not that many of us are […]

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    The Grand Budapest Hotel

    Like all of Wes Anderson’s films, The Grand Budapest Hotel is set to be great. Set to be released in early March 2014, the comedy-drama film broods on an unlikely friendship between two hotel employees in 1920’s Europe. It’s a Wes Anderson film, guys! C’mon, that should be enough for you. And Adrien Brody is […]

  • Morrissey Autobiography

    Though it is certainly must be a bit ridiculous, Morrissey (rock legend and lead singer of band The Smiths) has just released his new autobiography. I haven’t read it yet but it’s bound to be great. I love the dude. I think he is hilarious and knowledgeable in his own way. Anyone with a passing […]

  • 2013 Quiet Life Fall Collection

    The Quiet Life is one of the coolest skate lifestyle companies around. Their Fall 2013 collection is full of awesome hats, clothing and accessories. Check it out in their online store here. Heck, even if you’re not in the market for new duds, their lookbook is worth a peek. The Quiet Life definitely puts an […]

  • Home Is Where You Park It (Kickstarter)

    Home Is Where You Park It, a Kickstarter project in the form of a coffee table book, contains over 100 hundred high-quality photographs of campers, vans, and the people who live in them. Designed by Foster Huntington, who in 2011 left his job for two years of living in his Vanagon, Home Is Where You […]

  • Eric Yahnker’s Ebony & Benghazi

    Eric Yahnker is a weird dude. The LA-based artist (most famous as a former South Park animator) has a new art exhibit up in LA from now until the middle of October. Titled Ebony & Benghazi, the exhibit features a selection of Eric’s eclectic and just plain strange art at the Ambach and Rice Gallery. […]

  • Brixton X Krooked Mission Jacket

    We’ve featured Brixton quite a few times here on Much Awesome and we’re doing so again today. It’s because they’re awesome and make awesome stuff. This time around they’ve teamed up with skate company Krooked to collaborate on a new, special edition jacket: the Mission Jacket. Check out the Brixton X Krooked Mission Jacket here […]