Chris Weiss

Chris Weiss has been snowboarding, mountain biking and otherwise tempting death for nearly 20 years. After a few stints in go-nowhere mountain bum jobs, he asked himself, "Why not eek out a living doing something I love?" Since sports sponsors tend to ignore applications from late-20s dudes with mediocre skills and beer flab, Weiss jumped on the other side of the media fence to cover industry happenings. He now writes about sports innovations, technology, travel and automobiles for a number of leading Web properties.

  • The Caldera NX4 Neckwarmer and Face Mask

    Sometimes you need a face mask, and sometimes you don’t. It’s not always that easy to tell which will be the case when you set out for a day of skiing or snowboarding. I used to use a face mask and found it a bit annoying to carry around because I only ended up wearing it one day every season or two. Eventually, I realized the face mask was essentially an unnecessary lump in my pants pocket, so I stopped carrying it around altogether.

  • voltaic usb touchlight

    Voltaic USB Touchlight is a Versatile Lighting Solution for Any Situation

    Ever stop to count the number of flashlights, headlamps, lanterns, mini-LEDs, etc. that you have strewn about your garage, den, closets and deck? For many outdoor lovers, the number probably extends deep into the double digits. If you’re going to add a new light to that surplus, it had better do something special. Better yet, it had better do several special somethings.

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  • The 470-hp 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT

    The Jeep Wrangler and Grand Cherokee are two of the surest means for traveling far off the grid for camping, boating, backcountry skiing and other adventures. If you’re looking to attack the dirt with a little more grunt, the Grand Cherokee SRT is the way to go. Jeep introduced the all-new 2014 GC SRT at the 2013 North American International Auto Show earlier this week. This upgraded Jeep packs a full horse farm of power and a mean, aggressive exterior that brags about it.

  • Panasonic HX A100

    Panasonic HX-A100D – Wearable HD Video Camera

    First JVC, then Sony, and now Panasonic … the action cam market is officially the new grounds for competition in the electronics market. At the Consumer Electronics Show last week, Panasonic unveiled its all-new HX-A100 wearable action camera. While the manufacturer battle will come down to footage, function and price, the camera does appear to offer some advantages over competitors.

  • Ski Retriever: A Burial Beacon for Your Skis

    If you’re a dedicated powder fiend, neither cold, nor wind, nor minor injury, nor work will keep you from getting a powder-morning fix. There’s one thing that can stop you, however: losing your skis. While this may or may not be a problem you’ve ever experienced, it’s one you don’t want to face. Few things about skiing could be as disturbing as the image of friends, acquaintances, gapers and foes lapping you and carving scars across your virgin snow while you dig frantically for your skis – that’s no way to spend a powder day.

  • K2 Kwicker

    Splitboarding gets Kwicker with K2 Step-in Bindings

    Over the past few years, skiers and snowboarders have migrated increasingly from resort slopes and parks to surrounding sidecountry and onward to deeper, more remote backcountry peaks and lines. While backcountry riding has opened up all kinds of new possibilities, it’s also increased the need for more purpose-built gear. K2 answers this need with the all-new Kwicker splitboard package, which promises to be the most user-friendly splitboarding solution on the market.

  • Never Lose Your Buzz with the Bottle Grenade

    These days, it’s really not too difficult to find a bottle opener. In addition to pretty much every multi-tool you own, you’ll find bottle openers on clothing, belts, sunglasses, keychains, etc. Go to any type of ski resort or bar event and you’ll probably get a handful of bottle openers just for shoving your body through the door.

    So why can you remember multiple occasions when your mouth went cotton while you clawed and twisted desperately and futilely at a non-twist beer cap? No matter how many bottle openers there are in the world, there are still times when you don’t have one. So get another one.

  • Snow Ghosts: 5 Ski Town Distilleries for Chilling Spirits

    Beer has long been the standard après ski drink, and seemingly every ski town has a microbrewery or two. The micro-distillery is slowly infiltrating mountain towns and taking over for the microbrewery as the hippest place to grab a fresh, local libation after a hard day on the slopes. You can get both your thighs and chest burning in many major ski towns.

  • Get Horizontal: The Snolo Stealth-X Sled is the Best Sled in the World

    Most sledders graduate to more serious snow sports like skiing and snowboarding around the time their ages hit double digits, if not sooner. A certain group of Kiwis, however, never quite outgrew the activity. Instead of turning to skiing or snowboarding as a faster, more “adult” extension of sledding, they made a faster, more “adult” sled.

  • Taking Over the Interwebz One Mind-Blowing Video at a Time

    “The best place for extreme sports online, period.” That’s how frames its objective of attacking the Web with the hottest action sports film and content available. The young website is the ultimate destination for action sports fiends of all denominations looking to live vicariously through others for a few minutes (or hours) of their days.