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    20 Awesome 5k Races

    20 Awesome 5k Runs That Even Non-Runners Will Love

    In the past 10 years, themed races have become a big part of American fitness culture. Being a fitness enthusiast no longer has to be boring. From races that encourage you to dress up, run through obstacles, drink beer and everything in between, there is now something for everyone. Not all races however are created […]

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    Skateboarding with no grip tape

    No Grip Tape Skating

    You know how hard landing your tricks on your skateboard normally is. Now imagine trying them without any grip tape on your board! That is exactly what the guys at Major Crew did and it didn’t look easy. Once there game of SKATE gets going though, the guys start to get the hang of the no […]

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  • Guy Snowboarding on Mountain

    Backcountry Avalanche Safety Basics

    Venturing into the backcountry is dangerous. If you’re not properly prepared and equipped, an otherwise perfect day of snowboarding or skiing can turn deadly in an instant. As backcountry skiing and snowboarding continues to grow, more skiers and snowboarders than ever before are crossing the tape and heading out of ski area boundaries in search […]

  • Looking To The Rock For Some Awesome Motivation

    It’s 3:45 here at Much Awesome and I can guarandamntee you that we are hard at work rocking out the website and ready to get some great content put together for our readers. If you want some serious motivation this morning to get you pumped up and ready to get at it, check out this […]

  • 2014 Burton Sweet Tooth Snowboard Review

    Girls that have a sweet tooth for powdery slopes and fresh powder will want to keep it locked and loaded this winter on the 2014 Burton Sweet Tooth Snowboard. The all-mountain snowboard is designed to soak up just about any terrain with ease. A fun and playful feel is thanks to Raduction, which shrinks the […]

  • 2014 Burton Axis Snowboard Jacket Review

    Need a high-performing jacket that won’t set you back a month’s salary? That’s exactly what the folks at Burton designed their Burton Axis Snowboard Jacket to be. The advanced piece of outwear has all the features and performance of top-shelf jackets at only a smidgen of the price. Warmth is the name of the game […]

  • 2014 Premier Ghettobird Snowskate Review

    Heavy into skateboarding? Bummed out about all the snow that’s dropping? If you’re a skate rat that doesn’t head up to the big mountain all that often, then a snowskate might be for you. And the Premier Ghettobird Snowskate is one of the absolute best around. Measuring 37 inches from tip to tail and 8 […]

  • The Best Snowboard Boots of 2014

    Boots are an important and essential piece of gear for any snowboarding setup. Rather than just pick up any old pair, why not invest a little of your hard-earned dough in a top-quality set of shred kicks this winter. The best snowboarding boots might cost a little more but they offer the very best in […]

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